Marta Baran Psychegenesis



"[…] t is when the world within us is destroyed, when it is dead and loveless, when our loved ones are in fragments, and we ourselves in helpless despair - it is then that we must recreate our world anew, reassemble the pieces, infuse life into dead fragments, recreate life."

Hanna Segal

The process of building and analyzing the therapeutic relationship enables the identification of unconscious contents that are the source of the patient's deeper suffering and to experience feelings in safe therapeutic conditions that have not been able to be revealed so far. Introducing thoughts and fantasies that the patient feels as threatening to his consciousness reduces their strength and allows him to release himself from excessive fear. The psyche, released from the effort of maintaining very rigid and maladaptive mechanisms, can heal and develop.

I invite to the meeting people who would like to expand their awareness of their inner life. I help people who suffer from personality disorders, eating disorders, depression, struggle with anxiety (phobias, others) and obsessions, experience life crises, failures and losses. I work with traumatized people who experience difficulties in creating and maintaining happy relationships or live at a private or professional impasse.